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About Nikki

About Nikki

My story in this body as Nikki started in '83.

As a little girl I lived as who I really am, cheerful, free and full of love for everything and everyone around me. I enjoyed life, horses and nature.

But as I got older I took on more and more of what I saw, heard and felt around me. I let it form 'Nikki(s)' that I am not. But what I thought what others wanted to see. I empowered those Nikki(s) to dim my 'true self' and inner fire. As a result, my life did not turn out the way I had dreamed it would. Relationships were difficult, I did different jobs but never really seemed to fit in anywhere.

At the point where my body also started to indicate that it couldn't go on like this, I started to let go of what I had been taught. And listen to myself more and follow my nature.

My inner fire had always been smoldering deep inside me so that I could come back to myself at the right time. Step by step I was able to rediscover and embody who I am. First from an old energy and now the fire flares up stronger than ever from the new energy. Now every moment I feel the infinite flow of life.

In that infinite flow I can live freely and enjoy my life again. In both my work and spare time.

After all, I live what makes me happy.

My life and work in which I can touch and inspire you and your animal(s) to build an even more beautiful life in a new world, that makes me intensely happy.

In my free time I find that happiness in nature, sports, laughter, a chat with like-minded people, ....In my work I see that coming back through working with you, the horses and dogs, the massages, Nature's healing, ... I fully enjoy what I can bring to you in a combination so that they let your light shine the most.

About Nikki

The moment you make an appointment with me, you buy a one way ticket on the express train of your life.

My work 

When you work with me, you go beyond the pure physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. From the new energy you will experience even more who you really are and what your mission is according to your source connection.

The moment you make an appointment with me, you buy a ticket 'one way' on the express train of your life.


And I? I act as a catalyst in the process. I am the substance that speeds up your process without taking part in it. My strength lies in reading and touching the silence within you. I do this by living with the frequency of Pure Love. It triggers your self-healing ability. And you are going to purify what is inconsistent with your source connection.

Practically I use your energy field, body and dogs and/or horses to touch your 'being'. You can learn all about my services by clicking the button bellow.

In my work with the horses the method is the same as with humans. I listen to the energyfield and body of the horse to give him/her what he/she really needs in that moment.